Who's Next / Premiere Classe 2016 Sep

Paris was very hot in September! Our sales manager (is designer's husband) went to Paris and took pictures looks like summer.Many buyers came to our stand, and they are looking for christmas gifts. It was wonderful show for us. This season's our new collections are fur rattan bags, embroidered accessories for buttons, new design's phone cases etc... 

Recently we sent smart-phone cases for Christmas gifts to Brown Thomas (in Dublin) "The Marvel Room". KEORA KEORA were flying to overseas 2016. Merci(Paris), 107Rivoli(Paris), Smallable(Paris), Fenwick Bond street(London), Brown Thomas(Dublin), Sauce(Dubai), 10x10(Souel). Many Thanks!





最近は、アイルランドのデパート、Brown Thomasにもこもこのスマホケースをお送りしました。Dublin店さんで、クリスマスギフトを集めたThe Marvel Roomというエリアに置いてくださいました。🎄

最後に・・パリの最終日にチュルイリー公園でメリーゴーランドを撮ったもの。この後2回目のPremire Classeはここにテントを張って展示会が行われました。