KEORA KEORA Spring! SHORT MOVIE (English subtitles)


KEORA CATS are transformimg for going outside! What kind of views do they see?

KEORA KEORA's Spring collection is happy colors! Take cats with you.

Shinjuku Isetan 6F Re-Stype Kids

Neko Magazine - NEKONOBA

BabuRabu in Toyama

You can see KEORA KEORA items.

We're making animation with Pecan Sox, hope you'll be looking forward to next.

KEORA KEORA Animal Design

”生きてるみたいな表情の動物”を表現した、刺繍のアクセサリーとグッズを製作。2009年ブランド設立。日本、パリでの展示会活動から国内外にアイテムを展開。KEORA KEORA was launched in 2009. The company specializes in fun items, faux fur, leather and wicker bags.